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A little child with dreams

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a little child with dreams

Once upon a time, a little child lived in the word. He was different other children. He was lazy. He didn’t understand teacher who teaches subjects, he fell behind in the class. He couldn’t learn lessons as he couldn’t see well in the word from his eyes. His eyes were broken, but he didn’t know. His mother and teacher didn’t took notice his eyes. Therefore, he saw blurred in the word and he think everyone see like me. Teacher write anything in the board and he didn’t understand. That’s why he always dream in the class and he lived in his dream since his dreams weren’t blurred and his dreams better than real world. Sometimes his teacher was angry to him , but he again imagined. His teacher only was angry. She didn’t solve the problem because she wasn’t good teacher. She didn’t care about children.

       The little child barely learned literacy. Then he always read books. He made friends with books. His best friends were books. He read and dreamed all day. He read Oliver Twist, Tom Sawyer Pollyanna, Don Quixote, David Copperfield, Snow White, Puss in Boots... If he had found new book, he would have read.  Now he lived in the word.

       One day the little child thought “ I  can write better than these books. I can be Charles Dickens.” Then he had begun writing. He wrote his vivid dreams. His book was about cats and dogs. He took a pencil and he wrote everyday. Finally, he finished his book. He run to balcony and he shouted “People who live in the world this book is masterpiece. I will be the best author in the word. I will be rich, so I can buy all books in the world.  I can realize my dreams.”

       He decided to go bookstores because he wanted to introduce his book. However, unless he got on bus, he couldn’t go bookstores. Thus, He stole money from his mother’s purse for ticket. He didn’t say anything to his mother. He escaped to his home. He went to bus station. He stopped a bus. He asked driver:

“Sir, I want to go bookstores because I sell my book.”

The driver laughed “Hurry up. Get on smart kid. I will took you.”

      The little child got on to bus. He toll book to every people in the bus. 30 minutes later, he got off bus. He searched bookstores and he found a bookstores. He showed his book to bool seller. Book seller looked the book and he laughed. He broke heart of child. The child exited to bookstore. He thought “This guy don’t understand literature.” Then he entered other bookstore. Bookstore was crowded. He asked question to book seller.

“Mr. I wrote book. Will you sell?”

“Son! Don’t waste my time. I am busy.”

     The little child was disappointed. However, he didn’t give up. He entered a lot of bookstores and all sellers didn’t look his book. Finally, he gave up. He sit bench and he began cry. He though “Why don’t people understand me? Why do all people bad? I don’t want to live in real life. I want to live my dreams.” Then he stood up and he throw trash to his the book. The word lost a successful author. Maybe he would be Mark Twain. However, now he was child who broke heart. If he had gone home, he would have seen angry mother. He didn’t want to go home. He didn’t go school. He didn’t live to this life. He thought “If I die, I will go my dreams. He run to bridge. He look sea and sky and he shouted:

“My dreams is waiting! I will come.

Finally, he jumped and he flew to his dreams.

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